Stainless steel components


LASER & more has been active on the international market as a producer of high-quality stainless steel components since 2007. Our know-how is much appreciated, particularly in the area of 3D laser welding in connection with laser-oriented design.

At the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

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LASER & more supplied the housings for the facade lighting on the world’s tallest building. Altogether 620 sectional housings and 950 tubular housings were made from satin-finished stainless steel. Polished covers and bead-blasted control panels were also produced for this project.


The Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital in Kuwait

LASER & more also achieved a tremendous savings in material with the production of 1500 architectural maintenance gratings for the largest medical center in Kuwait: around 200 tons of material was saved. By redesigning the frames, the amount of welding work needed was reduced significantly, while simultaneously improving the appearance of the maintenance gratings.


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Champagne cooler of Veuve Clicquot

The precise, clean processing of stainless steel is crucial for the production of designer products. LASER & more successfully demonstrated its competence in the area of design by designing and manufacturing high-quality stainless steel paneling for champagne coolers.



Ventilation systems in Saudi Arabia

Air outlets (grills), extractor hoods and air volume controls were designed and manufactured for a manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia. The requirements that LASER & more had to meet included simple plug-in installation, great rigidity for thin perforated sheets and the combination of different sizes of tubing. The project was carried out using 3D design and 3D laser welding.

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Road tunnel in Austria

LASER & more manufactured 1800 brackets for the Felbertauern Tunnel in Austria. By optimizing the design, a weight savings of 60% was achieved as well as, consequently, a cost reduction of 40%!




Luggage check-in counters at the Heathrow Airport in London

LASER & more made the casings for the modern luggage check-in units at the new terminal at London’s Heathrow Airport.

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