Stainless steel components

Surface finishing

There are two main objectives for the surface finish of stainless steel: perfect, smooth surfaces that are free of burrs and other traces of machining as well as surfaces that are optically appealing as a result of various surface finishing processes. In the design sector, in particular, attractive surfaces full of variation are required.

LASER & more offers the following surface finishing processes:

• Sanding
• Brushing
• Etching
• Bead blasting

Technical specifications

For the sanding of stainless steel surfaces, LASER & makes use of a wide-belt sander and a long-belt sander:

• Wide-belt sander: max. piece weight of 30 kg; max. width of 600 mm
• Long-belt sander: max. piece weight of 200 kg; max. length of 2500 mm
• Packaging generally includes cardboard padding
• Surface finishing also for sheets thicker than 6 mm

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