Stainless steel components

3D laser welding

Compared to other welding methods, 3D laser welding has the advantage of contactless processing with maximum flexibility. This is particularly significant when working with high-grade stainless steel, because due to the low thermal stress placed on the workpiece, much smaller wall thicknesses can be used for the individual stainless steel components.

The best results are achieved with component design using the LASER & more 3D design.

The main advantages of the 3D laser welding method are:


• Contactless, vibration-free material processing

• Low thermal stress and therefore less distortion

• Short processing times due to high processing speed

• Minimal reworking of fine weld seams required

• Reduction in wall thickness

• Processing of colored or structure-rolled sheets

• Welding of pipes with irregular sizes and the combination of different wall thicknesses and materials

• Robust connections with extremely high load-bearing capacities

• Savings in time, material and weight

Technical specifications:

For 3D laser welding, LASER & more uses two KUKA robots.

• Mutual feeding of a 4000 watt Trumpf solid-state laser

• Separate fiber-optic cables

• Maximum length: approx. 3000 mm

• Maximum weight: 350 kg on the DKP, 1000 kg externally

• Rooting up to 6 mm

2 KUKA Roboter

Fixtures and laser welding

During laser welding, very narrow weld seams are formed. The distortion that arises when components are joined is minimized due to the small size of the heat-affected zone.

Good clamping systems, jigs and fixtures are absolutely indispensable for laser welding. Fixtures for components of various shapes and sizes are manufactured at LASER & more. This opens up entirely new possibilities in the design of stainless steel products.

LASER & more – an Austrian company based in Wels – provides the following services in the area of metalworking: stainless steel processing, sheet metal processing, laser cutting, laser welding of stainless steel and aluminum components, GTAW/TIG and MIG/SIGMA/MAG welding, 3D design of stainless steel components, manufacturing products from stainless steel and aluminum as well as optimizing the design of stainless steel products.

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