Stainless steel components

Laser cutting

Laser cutting of stainless steel and aluminum has significant advantages over traditional metalworking techniques:

• The contactless laser cutting method makes it possible to produce even highly complex contours with great precision
• Little wear and minimal deformation
• High production rates
• Short set-up times and minor reworking
• No tool costs
• Precise and clean processing
• Higher degree of automation
• Maximum flexibility

Technical specifications:

For laser cutting, LASER & more uses a TruLaser 5040 made by the Trumpf company. This is a high-end laser flat-bed machine with a single cutter head system. The high processing stability of the machine delivers parts with a consistent quality and precise edges.

• 7000 watt resonator output
• Maximum sheet size: 4000 mm x 2000 mm
• Maximum sheet thickness: stainless steel: 30 mm; aluminum: 20 mm
• Minimum bore diameter: approx. 0.6 x sheet thickness, but at least 1 mm
• Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.1mm

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