Stainless steel components


The quality of stainless steel components already begins with meticulous and complete planning and design. The first step entails the optimization of the drawing supplied by the client; because with the right design, savings in material, weight, time and money can be achieved. The material thicknesses that are selected due to the requirements of traditional welding methods are often much greater than is required when using laser welding.

Experience leads to innovation

This is where the many years of experience of LASER & more staff comes into play: the material savings potential is analyzed and alternative, innovative design options are pointed out. The analyses and the redesign of the stainless steel components are done using state-of-the-art CAD programs.

Examples of use:

New glass fixture: instead of a milled part as envisaged by the client, LASER & more manufactured the fixture out of stainless steel by making use of laser-cutting and laser-welding technology. This innovative solution led to a material savings of 70%.

edelstahl komponenten


edelstahl konstruktion

At LASER & more, stainless steel components are designed and optimized with the help of the latest CAD programs. The final product made of stainless steel can best be depicted by means of a 3D model.

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