Stainless steel components


FLEXI SEATS – stainless steel benches

High-grade stainless steel in connection with modern designs leads to stylish, durable and versatile products for various areas of use. In addition, stainless steel requires very little maintenance and is suitable for all-year use outdoors.

The FLEXI SEATS stainless steel benches manufactured by LASER & more have a modular design. This permits a greater spectrum of individual variations, which can be supplemented and expanded by various fittings and design elements. A number of design options are also available for the surfaces of the FLEXI SEATS stainless steel benches, such as various types and sizes of perforations. In addition, the backrests of FLEXI SEATS stainless steel benches are highly suitable for the attachment of logos or other motifs and advertising.

The construction kits for FLEXI SEATS stainless steel benches are deliberately kept simple and are thus suitable for straightforward self-installation. Should the benches get damaged, then the affected individual components can be detached and replaced easily.

Modular components: • benches and seats with or without backrests • straight or circular configuration • variable number of seats as required

Additional elements: • side tables • tables between the seats • armrests • garbage cans

Configuration options: • wall mounting • stand mounting • wall mounting in circular groups • stand mounting in circular groups


Areas of use: • as indoor and outdoor furniture • in parks, open-air theaters, stadiums, sports arenas, at bus stops • in spas, waiting rooms, public buildings • in private gardens

Materials and finishes: • stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI 304 • or stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316 L • bead-blasted • panels: perforated plates with square 10 x 10 mm punching (variable in line with customer preference) • attached onto 40 x 40 mm profiled tubing by means of screws


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