Stainless steel components

Tunnel construction

In modern-day tunnel construction, the demands regarding the quality and durability of all components are particularly high: In harsh environments, every single component needs to meet the strict specifications for perfect stability and functionality to ensure that the completed road tunnels and supply tunnels are as safe as possible.

LASER & more provides product solutions made of high-grade stainless steel that are manufactured using the latest laser-cutting and laser-welding techniques. These stainless-steel products meet all requirements for tunnel construction in terms of quality. By means of special 3D design programs, LASER & more also optimizes the designs submitted by clients and carries out all the necessary static calculations in-house.

Comprehensive services while saving materials and costs

Clients of LASER & more benefit not only from a convenient all-round service, but also from gigantic cost savings. This is because optimized stainless-steel products can be manufactured using up to 60% less materials. This results in a considerably reduced weight and significantly lower costs. Furthermore, the technical know-how and experience of LASER & more allows the greatest degree of flexibility in the design and production processes.

Examples of products

edelstahlverarbeitungLASER & more supplied 1,800 stainless-steel brackets for conduits in the Felbertauern Tunnel. Through the optimized use of stainless steel in connection with laser-cutting and laser-welding techniques, a significant reduction in weight and costs was achieved. LASER & more offers a wide range of products for tunnel construction. Those already in use include:

  • various fastening mechanisms for pipes and conduits,
  • housings for the controls of electronic systems,
  • switchboxes,
  • emergency wall-mounted boxes and
  • signal lamps as well as
  • wall-mounted housings for various purposes.

Different options regarding surface finishes and design elements are available for all products.

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