Stainless steel components

Venting systems

Stainless steel components for ventilation systems: grills, dampers, small and large extractor hoods.

Air outlets (grills), extractor hoods and air volume controls were designed and manufactured for a manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia. The requirements that LASER & more had to meet included simple plug-in installation, great rigidity for thin perforated sheets and the combination of different sizes of tubing. The project was carried out using 3D design and 3D laser welding.

The grills were designed in such a way that the venting louvers could be fitted easily by means of plug-in connectors. In addition, the entire louver insert can be unhooked to allow for easier assembly.


With regard to the dampers, the challenge was to design the control mechanism in a way that allows operation in opposite directions. The damperblades are laser-welded.


The large extractor hoods with dimensions of 4300×2300 mm were made from thinnest stainless steel sheets. In doing so, three layers of different perforated sheets were laser welded together in order to obtain the required stiffness. A further task was to connect the couplings for the exhaust air duct, with a size of DN500, to the outer sheets, with a thickness of 1.5 mm. This could only be achieved by using laser-welding technology.

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