Stainless steel components


LASER & more manufactures stainless steel components for various sectors of industry, including the food industry, ventilation systems, tunnel construction, pharmaceutical industry, container construction, conveyor systems and plant construction.

The designs of stainless steel components submitted by clients can be developed and optimized professionally at LASER & more.The optimized solutions provided by LASER & more save clients time and money. An improved design also results in a material savings and increases the longevity of stainless steel products.

Innovative stainless steel processing for industrial needs

Simple techniques of stainless steel processing, such as edging, laser cutting or manual welding, are no longer enough to create complex structures from stainless steel. For this reason, LASER & more has been developing valuable expertise in the area of innovative stainless steel processing since several years already. This includes 3D laser welding as well as laser-suitable design. Our company offers its clients the entire manufacturing chain – a bonus that is common practice at LASER & more.

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