Stainless steel components


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At LASER & more, stainless steel is processed precisely and perfectly to make high-quality design products.

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Stainless steel is timeless, elegant and versatile. Challenging custom-designed products made of stainless steel require very precise and careful workmanship. LASER & more is one of a only a handful of suppliers worldwide that has the required expertise in stainless steel processing – from 3D designing to 3D laser welding. In this way, exclusive custom-designed products can be manufactured, such as the stainless steel enclosure of champagne coolers for Veuve Clicquot.

Shop design

Stainless steel shop fittings are both modern and timeless. Stainless steel can be combined perfectly with other materials, such as glass and wood. Stainless steel shelving, cabinets and display cases with special lighting systems allow the merchandise to be presented in the best possible manner. LASER & more will gladly assist you in realizing your shop design!

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