Stainless steel components

Facade construction

Stainless steel is considered a trendy material in modern architecture. LASER & more develops and manufactures first-class stainless steel components for innovative facade construction. This includes, for example, various glass panel holders made from stainless steel that are not only manufactured, but also developed and optimized.

Example of use:

Architectural maintenance gratings made of stainless steel have been manufactured for the largest medical center in Kuwait, the Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital. The high quality of the product is also thanks to the design optimization carried out by the company LASER & more. Compared to the original design, LASER & more saved about 200 tonnes of material by redesigning the frame section.


Altogether, around 1500 units are being manufactured. The use of the optimized frame section results in a significant reduction in welding work. The entire assemblies have consequently become more elegant, easier to maintain, with improved corrosion resistance.